Interested in buying or selling a house? New to real estate? Wondering how to choose a realtor to help with all the odds and ends? Say no more! Whether we end up being a great fit together or not, consider these 5 aspects when partnering with a realtor:

Does he/she know the area? 

Regardless of if you’re new to the area or not, it’s helpful to have someone who knows the area. You should be able to ask questions such as “How close is the nearest Target”, “What school district is this neighborhood in?”, and “What does traffic look like here?”. The more your realtor knows about the area, the more comfort you’ll find in your new location. 

How much experience does he/she have?

You want to know that you will be taken care of if problems arise. Having a realtor who has navigated some tricky circumstances beforehand will be beneficial to you so that you are not the “guinea pig” in that situation. Better yet, he’ll have knowledge as to how to avoid those problems before they develop. 

What is his/her communication style?

Be upfront with your realtor as to how often you expect to hear from him/her. Do you want to be sent every house listing in your price range/projected neighborhood? Do you only want to be sent houses that fit the criteria on your wishlist? How do you prefer to be contacted? Are you email only or are text messages okay? Having this conversation early on in the realtor search will help eliminate potential frustrations.

What do the reviews say? 

Just as you would read reviews when searching for an Airbnb or before booking an excursion, be sure to read up on your potential realtor. What did their past clients have to say about them? How are their negotiation skills? Remember the majority of those who leave reviews either had a wonderful experience or a terrible experience, so you’ll have to average out the reviews for yourself.

Credentials, Awards, Licensure 

A quick search online should show you what types of credentials, awards, and licenses the proposed realtor holds. This information will let you know if there’s a preferred or specialized industry (military, vacation homes, etc.) and whether it would be a good fit for a partnership or not. 


With that being said, feel free to contact me. I’d love to take some time to see if we can take on your home buying/selling together.


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