One of the driving factors in home buying for many is a good community and neighborhood. Aside from residing close to schools, highways, shopping, and having a pool or nearby park as added perks/amenities, neighborhoods build community with one main foundation: neighbors. These people have the potential to see you more than family or close friends (unless you’re moving in next door)–so you might as well become friends! Here’s a few tips on how to cultivate a good neighbor relationship:

Noise/Quiet Hours

On a daily basis, be cautious of how loud you are outside of your house. Some neighborhoods may have specific quiet hours, but typically 10:00 pm to 7:00 am are the hours to steer clear of loud activities. If you are having a party or event that is supposed to run well into the night, you should warn your neighbors.

Exchange Phone Numbers

Even if you’re not planning on becoming best friends, it’s helpful to have your neighbor’s phone number for basic communication and emergency situations. You never know when you might need another ingredient for a recipe or last minute babysitter.

Keep Your Yard/Home Exterior Clean

Simply put, you don’t want to be “that” neighbor on the block with the home everyone notices for the unkempt yard. Regularly do your yard work and shovel within a timely manner in the wintertime. If your neighbor has children willing to do yard work, consider hiring them to help with a few tasks. 

Guest Parking

When having visitors, make sure they are parking their vehicles in front of your house or in your driveway. When having an event or multiple people come over, it’s best to ask permission first before parking in front of your neighbor’s property. 


Have any other tips that help your relationships with your neighbors? Let me know!

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