While you may have bought a house with dreams to eventually expand the master bathroom or take out the carpet in the living room, there’s a few changes / repairs to make immediately upon taking residence in your new space.


Fill Gaps/Cracks

Go around the home and inspect all windows, doors, and seals. If you notice any holes or cracks in the seal, replace or fill them incompletely. This will ensure you’re not losing heat in the winter months or losing air conditioning in the summer months. It’s an easy fix by picking up a caulking gun or some weather door strips from your local home improvement store. While it’ll maintain the temperature inside your home, it will also maintain your utility bill from unnecessary charges.

Check Alarms and Locks 

Safety is important, make sure your home is up to code! While the previous homeowners may have just replaced the batteries in your security or smoke alarms, it’s best to put in brand new batteries. With security alarms, reset all passwords prior to spending the night in your new home. Likewise, have all the locks rekeyed prior to move in for extra security measures. 

Clean Air Vents

Over the years dust piles up everywhere, especially with moving. Dust, dirt, pollen, and other air particles are stirred within the air and can over time become a health hazard through the buildup of mold and mildew. While you should clean the whole house completely when moving in, make it a priority to clean the air ducts. This can be done by taking off all the covers or grills from the ceilings/walls and vacuuming them. If you’re unable to reach or thoroughly clean the ducts, don’t hesitate to call a professional cleaning company. 


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