Looking for a home is an exciting time! There are so many homes to see and dream about future family memories. What don’t you want to dream about? Expensive repairs to your new home. To avoid some headaches and save some money, be sure to check your future home for these three problems:


Foundational Issues

Having a few cracks here and there is nothing to sound off alarms about; however, if you’re noticing cracks in every room larger than a hairline, proceed with caution as this can indicate problems with the foundation. Other areas to focus on to check the foundation are doors that don’t close smoothly or flooring that seems uneven. Make sure to have the home inspected in order to gauge what is problematic versus cosmetic and approximately how much the repairs will cost. 


Water Damage

Water damage can stem from an array of problems can lead to further complications. A leaky faucet, poor drainage, and water stains are all signs to note. Check ceilings, bathrooms, and even the exterior of the property. For apartments and condominiums, be sure to check where the rain gutters and water spouts are placed and look for signs of rust or other damage. Also be aware of musty odors as that could indicate internal complications such as busted pipes or mold/mildew.  


Poor Windows

Windows are another pricey item to replace so it’s important to check the condition of these. Take a look at the frame and make sure the windows open smoothly. If you experience problems opening, it could be a sign of foundational issues or poor installation. Windows are also essential to the heating and cooling of your home which will be apparent on your utility bills.


Do you have other red flags you look for when looking at houses?

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