Holiday season is in full swing! This means time to gather with family and friends, share laughter and meals, and everyone’s favorite: HOSTING! Whether you love it or hate it, chances are you’ll have a guest or two pop by this season, so here are seven tips to help make it go smooth.


Set the Atmosphere

Guests should feel welcome in your house, and that starts with the atmosphere of your home. If arriving at night, make sure your home is well lit on the outside so that guests can find your home and feel invited. No one wants to pull up to a dark home as it comes across as uninviting or unprepared for visitors. Inside the house, make sure guests are greeted with a fresh, clean smell. A fresh holiday candle by the entrance is a great way to do this.


Put Out Magazines

Coffee table magazines or books are more than just decor. Be intentional with what you set out as it could be a great topic of conversation! It is also helpful for guests that may be more quiet or shy and not necessarily want to engage in conversation all the time as they are able to flip through the magazines yet still be present with the rest of the group. 


Fill a Candy Dish / Fruit Bowl

Remember going to Grandma’s house as a kid and being so excited to see her candy dish? Bring back that joy for your guests! If you’re trying to be a bit healthier, opt for a fruit bowl instead. This is an easy way for guests to grab a quick snack on their own. 


Stock Up on Travel Toiletries

No matter how much you plan and pack ahead of time, there always seems to be something missing from your luggage. Help your guests out by stocking up their guest bath with some essentials. Shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, floss, and lotion are a few examples of great toiletries to keep on hand. 


Give a Tour of the Kitchen

If your motto is “Mi casa es su casa” then a kitchen tour is a must. You can say “help yourself” but that is easier said than done when you don’t know where the silverware, dishes, or spices are located. Do your guests a favor and let them know where everything is so that that feel at home and comfortable grabbing a snack or helping make a dish during their stay.


Wifi Password

It’s bound to be one of the questions your guest is wondering, so don’t wait for them to ask for it. Display this on your fridge or even on a notecard in their guest room. 



Among all the previously stated ideas, the best way you can be a host to your guests is to relax. There’s nothing warm and welcoming about a host who is stressed about hosting. Don’t be concerned above every little detail. Your guests are coming to visit with your so sit back and enjoy their company. Share some laughs and create some memories for years to come.



What else do you do to prepare for guests during the holiday season? 

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