Searching for some tips and tricks on how to sell your home fast this winter season? It doesn’t have to be complicated. The number one way to sell your home faster is to make buyers feel at home. It’s as simple as tackling these 3 steps:



Clutter inside a home makes the space seem smaller and many times can create anxiety for the future homeowner. To work on decluttering your house, take down the family photos and store excess children’s toys in the garage or at a friend’s house. If you’ve already moved out of your home, have some furniture staged in a few of the rooms to give life to the space. Empty rooms will seem cold and uninviting, which won’t leave a welcoming impression on your buyers. 



Less items in your home will help make it easier to keep it organized and clean. Make sure bathrooms are wiped down, dishes are not in the kitchen sink, and that beds are made. Closets don’t need to be pristine; however, toys and clothes shouldn’t be falling out when the doors are opened and it shouldn’t look like you tried to use the space as a last minute junk room. Utilize the space underneath beds to stash extra toys or excess blankets. If you have clothes that need a quick place to be put, store them in a dresser as those drawers won’t be opened. It doesn’t take much, but these little details will help make all the difference. 


Make it Available

Home should always be available, so make sure your buyers know that. How? Be flexible in your showings. Have an open house over the weekend to create multiple opportunities for buyers to pop in the door or pick a night or two each week that you’re able to have buyers come over. If you’re already out of the house for your children’s soccer game or dance class, you might as well use that time to let buyers see your home. The more opportunities buyers have to take a peek at your home, the better your chances are at winning over a new family to submit an offer. 



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