Did you close on a house at the end of this year? Sounds like you’re ready for a big move to start off 2020 right! In order to make your move as smooth as possible, try these moving hacks:


1. Get rid of items before packing.

2. Ask your work to cover moving expenses if you’re moving for work.

3. Plan ahead. Pack early.

4. Organize while you pack. It’ll be easier to unload.

5. Pack your own items instead of a moving company.

6. Label everything. Take photos of all the boxes and labels.

7. Pack an extra box of emergency supplies.

8. Do not pack food and kitchen items together. Pack separately.

9. Label boxes “fragile” if necessary and note which side should be facing up.

10. Help direct your movers how you would like items packed.


Do you have other moving tips? Let me know!

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