“Going Green!” has been the latest environment trend in more ways than one. In real estate, it has changed how people use their electricity and focus more on recycling. Additionally, it has people bringing more plants into their home to benefit their overall health while adding to their design. Plants have been shown to increase productivity and focus, improve air quality, and reduce stress, amongst many other benefits.



Plants increase productivity because they help people stay more emotionally, physically, and cognitively more engaged in their work. They have also been proven to increase creativity which aids problem solving skills. 


Air Quality

Within a home, there are many chemicals through paint, vinyl, laminate, and the like. Over time they break down into the air and in return we ingest them into our respiratory system. Plants are able to absorb the toxins from the air and store them in the soil to use for food later. This eliminates the possibility of your body absorbing the toxins and can increase your overall health. 


Reduce Stress

To start, the color green has been proven to create a calming effect for people. The mind connects greenery to nature which lowers anxiety and increases relaxation. Because of this, performance increases and attitudes become more positive. 


Because of these benefits, your home needs plants. Clean the air in your bathrooms, relax better in your living room, and stay more focused in your office. They are great for every room! 



Note: While real plants have many benefits for humans, certain plants are poisonous to pets. Be sure to do research on the plants you intend to bring into your home if you have furry friends living with you. 

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