Itching to up your home decor game but don’t want to break the bank with every season change? You’re not alone! Here’s a list of 4 items that should become staples in your household. They’re simple and easy to change up for every season.


Candlestick Holders

Invest in a pair (or several) candlestick holders that you love! Switching out candles is a quick and inexpensive way to change the look of a room. White candles can be styled for any season, so they’re always good to have on hand. Over time, if you’re looking for another way to change up your candlestick holders, you can spray paint them. 


Mason Jars / Glass Jars

These have made quite the comeback over the years, and for good reason! Mason jars are extremely versatile. In winter months fill with mini string lights to brighten up a cozy reading nook or fill with dried berries to add a pop of color for the holiday season. In warmer months, use them as flower holders and place them on your kitchen table, coffee table, or in a guest bedroom. 


Chalkboard Sign

A sign is a great investment for your home. Buy a customizable one so you have the ability to update it with each holiday, family celebration, birthday party, and such. Place them on your front porch, entry way, or on the mantle in the living room.


Baskets + Crates

Durable, reusable, and decorative. Fill them with blankets in the winter on your porch or near your fireplace; stuff flowers in them during spring and summer months. When they’re not in use for decor, these baskets make a great organizing tool for a quick tidy up around the house. Use it as a “catch all” for toys and items.



What’s one decor item you use as a staple in your home?

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